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Computer upgrade problems

Your computer has just been upgraded to Windows 10 and now any new Excel workbook you create will only print in black and white. What’s going on and how can you fix it? More...


Selecting timesheet software

Your business has outgrown its manual or spreadsheet-based time recording process so you are now considering using a timesheet software solution. With so many on the market, how do you select the one that best suits your business? More...


New mobile SAGE app


Corrupted users


The document inspector

Before you issue a document, you review its contents to ensure that it’s correct and doesn’t contain anything you don’t want to share. However, electronic copies can hold hidden or personal information. Do you know where to look? More...


Obtaining references

If you’re selecting accounting software for your business for the first time, or switching systems as you’ve outgrown your current package, it pays to obtain references. How do you track them down and what should you cover? More...


How to avoid widows and orphans


Getting the most out of Outlook

Microsoft Outlook may be a major tool within your business to help you organise e-mails, manage your calendar and store your contacts, but are you making the most of its time-saving features? More...


Excel number formatting problem

Last updated: 19.04.2019

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