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Using macros for Text to Columns

You receive a spreadsheet from sales every day with new customer details. This includes two data fields in the same column. What’s the quickest way in Excel to split these out? More...


How to weed out formula errors

The world’s largest legal cannabis business substantially under-reported its losses due to a spreadsheet formula error. What can you do to check for formula errors before reports are published? More...


Automatically importing share data

Your company has a number of investments in listed companies that you need to keep track of. If you’re an Office 365 subscriber, Excel has recently introduced a new feature which may make this task much easier. How does it work? More...


Dealing with vertically merged cells

You receive a weekly spreadsheet analysing sales invoices by region. But rather than include the region in each record, the region name is written in one cell and then vertically merged. This makes sorting very tricky. How can you fix it? More...


Forecasting depreciation

You want to set up a schedule in Excel to forecast depreciation on capital assets. There are several ways this can be achieved in Excel, but which one is the most effective? More...


Keep track of your month-end checklist using Icon Sets

You have a list of steps that must be completed to finish the accounts close down each month. The list is in a spreadsheet and extends down a number of rows. How can you use Excel to keep track of this accounting close checklist? More...


Consolidating multiple worksheets

Each branch sends you its monthly results on a separate worksheet which you then spend a lot of time totalling to produce company-wide results. How can Excel help you speed up the process? More...


Selecting and deselecting cells

Have you ever tried to select multiple cells and accidentally selected too many? Once you finish the selection, there’s no way to deselect the unwanted cells other than to start over. But Office 365 is rolling out a solution - how will it work? More...


How to split comma separated values into rows in Excel

You want to split comma separated values in one cell into several rows, stacked in a single column. While Text to Columns would break the data out of the one cell, it wouldn’t create new rows. So how can you do this? More...


The problems with AutoSave

Microsoft is rolling out a co-authoring feature for Office 365 Excel users to make it easier for multiple users to access the same workbook. However, the AutoSave function that comes with it could cause problems. What’s the issue? More...
Last updated: 21.05.2019

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