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VLOOKUP wildcards

You’re using Excel to tie up cheque payments with a list of cleared transactions from the bank. The problem is that the cheque number on the bank’s record is embedded in the transaction code. How can you use VLOOKUP to match it? More...


Using macros for Text to Columns

You receive a spreadsheet from sales every day with new customer details. This includes two data fields in the same column. What’s the quickest way in Excel to split these out? More...


How to filter faster in Excel

You’re probably familiar with how the COUNTIF function works to easily count cells in your data table based on single or multiple criteria. But there’s a clever trick to speed the filtering process by using these criteria. How does it work? More...


Presenting in Excel

If your presentations are going to consist almost entirely of tables, data and numbers, is there really any point in copying all that data into PowerPoint? How can you spruce up your Excel spreadsheets to make them presentation-ready? More...


New SORT and SORTBY functions in Excel

A new set of powerful array functions is being rolled out to Office 365 subscribers. Three useful ones are SORT, SORTBY and FILTER. What’s the advantage of using these and how do they work? More...


How to deal with the rounding problem

You’re preparing a summary of the company’s month-end financials using Excel and want to round the figures to the nearest thousand for presentational purposes. What’s the best way to do this? More...


Excel’s artificial intelligence

In the first quarter of 2018 Microsoft added an artificial intelligence (AI) feature to Excel called Insights. How do you access this new feature and what can you use it for? More...


Using Excel to detect fraud

Benford’s Law is often used by internal auditors to detect fraud by identifying unusual data patterns. How can you easily and effectively apply Benford’s Law to your company’s data using Excel? More...


Re-ordering a trial balance automatically

You’ve moved to a new accounting package which has a different chart of accounts. You’re now faced with the prospect of manually re-sorting the trial balance (TB) to get it into your management accounts template. Is there a quicker way? More...


Tips for working with bank statement CSV files in Excel

To import a bank statement into your accounting software, you first need to download it as a CSV file into Excel. You then have to spend time editing the data in Excel before importing it. How can you do this more effectively? More...
Last updated: 19.07.2019

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