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Mitigating the forex risk

Your company trades with customers and suppliers based in the EU. Although the final outcome of the Brexit trade deal is uncertain, sterling and euro volatility remains a key risk for UK businesses. How can you mitigate it? More...


Trading overseas? Save on exchange rates

If you trade abroad, as a buyer or seller you’ll know that currency transactions through your bank come with stiff fees and charges. Is there a way that you can reduce these costs? More...


Getting paid in bitcoin

With companies like Dell and Expedia now accepting bitcoin as a form of payment, is it time for your company to jump on the digital currency’s bandwagon? And if you do, what will be the tax consequences? More...


What’s the best currency to pay your Chinese supplier?

Like many businesses, you import goods from China to take advantage of the cheaper prices and vast range on offer. But if you’re settling the invoices in US dollars rather than renminbi, could you be losing out? More...


Measuring foreign exchange risk

To help beat the recession, your company is seeking to widen its international reach in search of new markets for sales. You’ve been asked to consider what the foreign exchange risks are likely to be. Where should you start? More...


Protecting your company against Euro problems

The Euro has been in the danger zone for some time as the politicians continue to debate what to do. In the meantime, is there anything you should be doing to protect your company? More...


Giving customers a choice of currency

Your company has decided that the way forward is to focus on the overseas market. The question of what the financial risk would be in allowing customers to pay in their local currency has been left with you. What’s your answer? More...


Managing foreign exchange

Your company trades with customers and suppliers based outside the UK. How can you manage the foreign exchange risk on overseas trading when currency rates are so volatile at the moment? More...


Reducing your foreign exchange risk

Turmoil in the currency markets is having serious consequences for many businesses. So what can you do to ensure that your company doesn’t lose out due to fluctuating exchange rates? More...
Last updated: 10.07.2020

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