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Time-saving statements

Your finance team is always under pressure at the month end so you need to consider where time savings can be made. One time consuming process is sending out customer statements - is it possible to make this more efficient? More...


When to involve a debt collector

The decision to turn an outstanding account over to a debt collection agency is not an easy one as you have to weigh up the costs versus the benefits. So when should you involve a collection agency? More...


Balancing sales and collection

For many businesses, responsibility for debt collection falls to the customer-facing staff rather than the finance department. If this is the case in your business, what can you do to help them? More...


Creditworthiness not credit ratings

The board has decided to change one of its key suppliers. As part of the process the company had to complete an “application for credit”. Is this something you should be doing for your new customers? More...


Recruiting a credit controller

One of your finance assistants is leaving and you’ve decided that what the company could really do with is a credit controller as their replacement. When recruiting one, what should you be looking for? More...
Last updated: 29.05.2020

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