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Guarding against bad debts

According to official figures, in 2019 company insolvencies increased for the third successive quarter. What should you be doing to help ensure that your company isn’t hit by a large bad debt? More...


Calculating debtor dispute cycle times

Dealing with customer payment disputes is very time consuming and a distraction for finance as well as other departments. It also increases the Days Sales Outstanding KPI. How do you calculate payment dispute cycle time? More...


Attack of the zombies - watch out!

Latest figures show that the number of insolvencies is smaller than expected. But does this really mean there’s less chance of a bad debt? More...


Calculating the cost per invoice

To help measure the effectiveness of your purchase ledger team, you want to use the cost per invoice processed as a key performance indicator. But how do you actually calculate this to end up with a meaningful number? More...


Reducing sales credits

Your department has to issue quite a number of sales credit notes each month. As well as taking up much of your credit controller’s time, this is impacting on profit and cash flow. Is there anything you can do to reduce the number? More...


Synchronising payment runs

Most invoices from suppliers proclaim settlement terms of “30 days from date of invoice”. The problem is that this gives you a random pattern for supplier payments throughout the month. How can you easily rationalise this? More...


What’s being put on your company credit cards?

A subscriber’s MD tried to book an airline flight online using his company credit card. However, the transaction was declined and he was asked to contact the card company. What went wrong? More...


The cost of debtors

Your company is consistently plagued by late payment from customers, which is leaving it short of cash when it comes to paying suppliers. How much is this debt actually costing and what can you do to get the cash in quicker? More...
Last updated: 27.03.2020

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