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How to avoid VAT on management charges

Your company makes a year-end management charge to a related company. As the related company is not VAT registered, are there ways to avoid adding VAT to the management charge invoice? More...


Intracom VAT Registry scam


VAT reminders


Year-end VAT procedures

You’ve just finished your year-end audit file for this year’s company accounts. But when you come to complete the VAT section of the next one in 15 months’ time, you might find you don’t have everything you need. What’s the problem? More...


A gift from the Taxman

When you provide staff with perks, the rules that surround the reclaiming of VAT can seem complicated, so many of you will be opting for safety first and won’t claim it back. But you could be missing out on quite a bit of VAT. How? More...


How to appeal a penalty

If you submit the VAT return late, the company could end up with a penalty from the VATman. But if it was a genuine oversight, what can you do to get out of his (and the MD’s) bad books? More...
Last updated: 01.06.2020

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