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Accounting for VAT on recharged expenses


Get the VAT back now

You know there’s more input VAT to claim for this VAT return but you don’t have the paperwork yet. To aid cash flow, you don’t want to have to wait until the next VAT return to claim this. So how do you get the VAT back now? More...


Saving VAT on your buy-to-let

You’re buying a residential property with the intention to let it. To keep costs down you’ve gone for a property that’s cheap because it’s in need of a fair amount of work. Is there an opportunity to pay less VAT? More...


Is it a van or a car?


Dealing with VAT on unpaid supplier invoices

You’re reviewing aged trade creditors and there are a number of supplier invoices over six months old where you are withholding payment as you’re in dispute. Do you now have to pay the VAT on these back to HMRC? More...


Are you accounting for VAT on Google ads?


Can you claim the VAT on team rewards?

As financial controller you need to be able to keep your accounts team motivated so you’re thinking of rewarding them with a gift or perhaps a meal out. To keep the costs down, will the company be able to reclaim the VAT on these? More...


Cash-flow advantage for service providers

If your company provides services to customers on more than simply a one-off basis, you may be able to tap into a special VAT rule which allows it to delay paying VAT on those services. Can you take advantage? More...


VAT treatment for a non-registered supplier


A gift from the Taxman

When you provide staff with perks, the rules that surround the reclaiming of VAT can seem complicated, so many of you will be opting for safety first and won’t claim it back. But you could be missing out on quite a bit of VAT. How? More...
Last updated: 01.06.2020

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