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Can van clubs cut costs?

New charges on diesel vehicles come into effect in London in October 2017. Is a van club worth a look to help avoid the costs associated with the so-called toxicity charge? More...


Time for a plug-in hybrid?

You’re familiar with electric and hybrid cars but plug-in hybrids seem to be all the rage at the moment. What are these vehicles and if you opt for one what might it save you? More...


Don’t tyre of saving

You’re always on the lookout to cut your motoring costs. A number of factors impact on the amount of fuel your car or van uses, but which should you focus on to secure the best savings? More...


Eco-driver training benefits

A study completed on behalf of the RAC Foundation has identified that you can save money on fuel if you invest in “eco-driver” training for your staff. What returns can you realistically expect? More...


Low(er) cost tyres

Buying new tyres can be an expensive business, especially if you have delivery vans etc. But new labels introduced in November could help you save in the long term. What’s to know? More...


Driving down the cost of motoring

A recent poll found that drivers really do behave differently when they’re in a company car. And unfortunately, it isn’t the case that they drive more carefully or treat the car with greater consideration. Could this be costing you? More...


Using trackers to save fuel

Fitting vehicles with tracking devices has been reported to improve efficiency and cut fuel bills (and keep tabs on wayward drivers!) even for small fleets. But does it really work? More...


Eco-cars an eco-con?

Electric vehicles are still some way off from being commercially viable. The next best “green” option at the moment are eco versions of standard vehicles. But do they really save you money on fuel? More...


Greener driving = cheaper driving?

In the past we’ve looked at possible savings from lower emissions cars, but what about saving money with the car you’ve got. Can better, eco-driving really cut costs? More...


How to save on fleet insurance costs

Insuring your cars is expensive, and you may feel there’s little you can do to cut the costs. However, there are two factors that can impact on the cost of fleet insurance premiums. What are they and how could they lead to savings? More...
Last updated: 04.06.2020

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