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Managing bank covenants

One of the most important documents that you will come across is the lending agreement you have in place with your bank. The covenants clause is part of that contract. How do you ensure that you don’t breach these covenants? More...


Claiming extra compensation for a mis-sold rate swap

If your company was mis-sold an interest rate swap, the bank should have sent a redress letter to you by the end of May 2014 (although several banks missed this deadline). If you received such a letter, should you accept the offer? More...


Time to check those direct debits

Apparently, £100 million is wasted every year with unwanted or unused subscriptions. So is it time you checked your direct debits to see how much you could save? More...


Current account costs

The banks are all vying for your attention when it comes to current accounts. But are some of the benefits really that attractive or could they actually be cheaper elsewhere? More...


Finding a new bank

Changing your company’s bankers can be a painful experience. What should you consider doing in advance to ensure that your decision turns out to be the right one? More...


Minimising the cost of foreign payments

Your company is making savings by sourcing goods and services from outside the UK. However, you’ve just been told that you can’t settle these using online banking. So how can you pay these new suppliers cost-effectively? More...


How long does it take a bank to add a signatory?

You’ve decided that it would make your life easier if your accounts assistant could also deal with the bank, i.e. sign cheques, make online payments etc. Exactly how easy is it to set all this up? More...


Is your business ready?

We are facing a very uncertain economic future. What can you do to minimise your company’s exposure to the continuing impact of the financial crisis? More...


Unexpected BACS charges

Next time you get your monthly advice of service charges from your company’s bankers, pay careful attention to what you are being charged for operating the BACS system. What are they trying to charge for now? More...


Reducing bank charges

As you don’t get a bill from the bank manager for bank charges, they are often overlooked as a cost. What can you do to make sure you pay less? More...
Last updated: 12.08.2020

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