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Guarding against bad debts

According to official figures, in 2019 company insolvencies increased for the third successive quarter. What should you be doing to help ensure that your company isn’t hit by a large bad debt? More...


Getting invoices paid before Christmas

With many businesses shutting down for the Christmas holidays, there’s only a small window of opportunity for your customers to pay you. How can you ensure that you don’t start the new year with a poor cash flow forecast? More...


What can we learn from Carillion?

Carillion collapsed in January 2018 owing 30,000 businesses around £1bn. What can you do to protect your company from a large customer failure? More...


Dealing with a belligerent creditor

Your company is disputing the amount owed to one of its suppliers. However, the belligerent creditor has just instigated a formal insolvency process. How should you handle it? More...


When to involve a debt collector

The decision to turn an outstanding account over to a debt collection agency is not an easy one as you have to weigh up the costs versus the benefits. So when should you involve a collection agency? More...


Creditworthiness not credit ratings

The board has decided to change one of its key suppliers. As part of the process the company had to complete an “application for credit”. Is this something you should be doing for your new customers? More...


Synchronising payment runs

Most invoices from suppliers proclaim settlement terms of “30 days from date of invoice”. The problem is that this gives you a random pattern for supplier payments throughout the month. How can you easily rationalise this? More...


Does every customer need credit?

When recently reviewing the balances on your sales ledger you noticed that there are many invoices for relatively small amounts. Each one adds to your credit control time. Is there a way of avoiding this problem? More...


Debtor days incentive scheme

Although larger debts are being collected, you’ve noticed that the level of older debts is building up. How can you incentivise your sales ledger staff to keep debtor days down to an acceptable level, with minimal intervention from you? More...


Identifying the warning signs

According to official figures, company liquidations jumped by 25% in the last quarter. So what should you be doing to help ensure that your company isn’t hit by a large bad debt? More...
Last updated: 12.08.2020

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