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Hire a freelance director

You’re trying to build the value of your business with a view to selling it in a couple of years. Employing a dedicated finance director seems the obvious option but looks expensive. Is there a cheaper alternative?

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Accounts payable audit

You’ve just started a new role and have identified issues with the accounts payable process such as missing credit notes and invoices being paid twice. How should you start to address this? More...


Are you aware of the new benefit in kind rules?

An October 2017 poll found that 45% of businesses offering employees a benefit in kind with the option of taking cash instead were not aware of the changes to how these benefits were taxed. What has and hasn’t changed? More...


Autumn Budget 2017 impact

The Autumn Budget 2017 included a number of measures affecting business finances. Which are most likely to impact your company? More...


Changing your accounting date to reduce the tax bill

Due to increasing import prices and Brexit uncertainty, profits are likely to be considerably down on last year and cash is a little tight. Is there a way to ease the pressure on cash flow by changing the year end to reduce the next tax bill? More...


Analysing sales forecasting accuracy

The monthly management report includes a forecast profit and loss account used by the board to plan ahead. But the sales forecasts are proving to be unreliable. How can you analyse the unreliability so that it can be addressed? More...
Last updated: 19.01.2018

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