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Completion accounts or locked box?

When buying a company, you need a way to determine the final acquisition price. The two widely accepted methods are completion accounts and locked box. How do you decide which method is best?

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Identifying customers to stop working with

The new sales director has reduced the size of the sales team and is looking for ways to decrease the amount of work the team has to cope with. She has asked you to supply a list of “bad” customers. What do you do? More...


Staff kit going missing - make them pay?

You’ve noticed an increase in the number of staff reporting lost or damaged equipment, such as protective clothing. What can you do to limit your outlay, and can you deduct the cost of replacements? More...


How one call can save almost £4,000

Most phone contracts are for a fixed term so that you can spread the cost of the latest Apple, Android device, etc. But do you keep track of when the contract ends? If not, it could be a costly oversight. More...


Staff cover on the cheap

Staff are stretched at most small businesses, but when the school holidays arrive or demand peaks, it can be almost impossible to keep up. Is it worth using freelancers rather than relying on expensive agency staff? More...


Identifying and addressing legacy activities

You’ve been asked to find additional business profit opportunities as the owner directors are keen to sell the company in the next year or so. The company is performing well so where should you be looking for those extra pounds? More...
Last updated: 16.11.2018

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