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Could a bridging loan be the answer?

Your company is undertaking a development project and has a gap in funding that needs to be filled. Where short-term expenses must be met quickly, bridging loans are an alternative to traditional loans. What are their benefits and risks?

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Are you ready for the April 2020 NI changes?

The National Insurance (NI) rules on termination payments are being amended with effect from 6 April 2020. What’s changing and how could the new rules impact your company? More...


Reduce the risk of cheque fraud

A 2019 report has identified that the value of cheque fraud losses has more than doubled. What preventive measures can you take to protect your company from cheque fraud? More...


How to save with income splitting

Husband and wife companies still have access to a tax-saving arrangement whereby they can split or share income. How does it work and what will the benefits amount to? More...


Gains from better bookkeeping

Keeping accurate business records is good business practice, especially when it comes to major expenditure on buildings and equipment. But can accurate bookkeeping actually save you tax, and if so how much? More...


The cost of dirty cutlery

New research suggests that huge numbers of staff are falling ill due to a lack of cleanliness in workplaces. Is this true and what could you save if you go ahead and clean up your act? More...
Last updated: 06.12.2019

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