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Is your contractor due holiday pay?

The Supreme Court has ruled that a self-employed plumber was actually a “worker” and therefore due holiday pay. Should you be worried by this ruling?

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Time to dump the diesel?

The noises coming from government suggest that it’s time you got rid of any diesel cars and went for petrol. Certainly, sales of new diesels are plummeting. Is this the right thing to do or could it be a costly mistake? More...


Keep track of your month-end checklist using Icon Sets

You have a list of steps that must be completed to finish the accounts close down each month. The list is in a spreadsheet and extends down a number of rows. How can you use Excel to keep track of this accounting close checklist? More...


How much excess cash do you have?

The business has been trading successfully for the last year and the bank balance is growing. The managing director has asked you how much excess cash there is in the bank. How do you calculate the correct amount? More...


Accounting system sub accounts

You’re changing your accounting software during the next year. As part of that process you are reconsidering your chart of accounts. Are sub accounts a feature worth considering and how could you use them? More...


A way to get the cash flowing

Late payments can create all kinds of headaches when it comes to cash flow, and it’s the UK’s small and medium sized businesses that seem to be hit hardest. What tactics are available to you? More...
Last updated: 17.08.2018

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