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When can you reclaim VAT on the purchase of a car?

A tax tribunal ruled in favour of a business which reclaimed VAT on the cost of several prestige company cars. How was the company able to defeat HMRC’s usually watertight rules and can you use the same tactic?

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Working with procurement

The company has been invited to tender for a major new contract. The sales director has asked you to liaise with the customer’s procurement department who will be running the tender process. How should you approach this task? More...


Accessing new capital tax efficiently

Your new company needs working capital. You could provide it by buying more shares in it or you could lend it the cash. Which offers the most efficient option and what are the potential savings involved? More...


Real savings from virtual assistance?

You’re in the market for a personal assistant and were about to start drafting the recruitment ad when someone mentioned virtual assistants (VAs). What are they and could they save you money? More...


Water, water, nowhere?

Water shortages are once again in the news. The real threat seems some way off, but it shouldn’t put you off taking a look at your consumption. Where can you cut back and are there any incentives being offered by water suppliers? More...


How to exterminate exaggerated expense claims

The 2009 MPs’ expenses scandal was one of the most damaging in living memory. But a decade on it seems to have led to some workers employing the same dirty tricks on their employers. How can you prevent exaggerated claims? More...
Last updated: 22.10.2019

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