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Effectively managing price increases

The directors have decided that the company needs to increase its prices to stay profitable. What’s the best way to implement increases without upsetting and potentially losing customers?

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Personal printing at work

We recently told you how to save on your printing costs, but we neglected one important issue. Research has shown that Brits print 13 pages of personal documents at work every month. What’s the cost of this and how can you cut it? More...


Selecting a business broker to sell the business

The owners are considering selling the company and have asked you to help them select a business broker to handle the sale. What information should you send the prospective broker and how should you run the selection process? More...


Keep staff happy, at a cost

The directors have asked you to look at the costs involved in a breakout area for staff. They seem to be wanting pool tables and the latest coffee machines, but is this really necessary? What’s a more economical approach? More...


Cut print costs even further

In the past we’ve looked at the “paperless office dream”, with our tips potentially saving several thousand pounds. But could you save even more on your annual print and paper costs? More...


Is your job description up to scratch?

Your HR manager has been auditing the personnel files and discovered that there isn’t a job description for your role. You’ve been asked to draft one. What should a good document covering your role look like? More...
Last updated: 18.06.2019

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