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VLOOKUP wildcards

You’re using Excel to tie up cheque payments with a list of cleared transactions from the bank. The problem is that the cheque number on the bank’s record is embedded in the transaction code. How can you use VLOOKUP to match it?

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Keep staff happy, at a cost

The directors have asked you to look at the costs involved in a breakout area for staff. They seem to be wanting pool tables and the latest coffee machines, but is this really necessary? What’s a more economical approach? More...


Expense reimbursement made easier?

You’ve noticed that your team are spending excessive amounts of time processing staff expenses. This is causing frustration between the accounts team and the claimants. What can you do to speed up the process? More...


Selecting a business broker to sell the business

The owners are considering selling the company and have asked you to help them select a business broker to handle the sale. What information should you send the prospective broker and how should you run the selection process? More...


Personal printing at work

We recently told you how to save on your printing costs, but we neglected one important issue. Research has shown that Brits print 13 pages of personal documents at work every month. What’s the cost of this and how can you cut it? More...


Employing family members

The controlling director has asked whether it’s possible to put his adult son on the payroll during the university summer holidays. How much could he be paid and would it be tax deductible for the company? More...
Last updated: 19.07.2019

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