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Why waste money?

All businesses create waste. However, if productivity is down or the site has fewer people working at it than usual, the amount of rubbish will be lower. How do you ensure that this is reflected in your contractor’s bills and what are the potential savings?

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How to cash in on trading losses

According to the Bank of England, the UK is facing the worst recession in 300 years so many companies will be making losses in 2020. If your company is one of them, how can you turn these losses into cash refunds? More...


Keep energy costs under control

If you are about to reopen the offices or a workplace then now is the time to do a few quick checks that could save hundreds of pounds in energy payments. What are they and what will you save? More...


An ongoing concern?

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, auditors are increasingly referring to going concern uncertainties in their audit reports on company accounts. What could this mean for your company? More...


Polishing off those cleaning costs

Ensuring that the work environment is “Covid-19” clean is likely to be top of every business’ to do list. This could involve more cleaning and more costs, so are there ways to cut back and keep staff safe? More...


Business interruption insurance - are you covered?

Some insurers are refusing to cover losses arising from the coronavirus pandemic so the FCA is seeking an urgent court decision to provide clarity. What steps can you take in the meantime to put the company in the strongest position possible? More...
Last updated: 07.08.2020

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