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Watch out for invoice scams

Research has shown that invoicing scams are on the increase - more than one in four businesses has lost at least £5,000. How can you best prepare staff to spot dodgy paperwork and what might some simple actions save you?

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When can you reclaim VAT on the purchase of a car?

A tax tribunal ruled in favour of a business which reclaimed VAT on the cost of several prestige company cars. How was the company able to defeat HMRC’s usually watertight rules and can you use the same tactic? More...


Tax savings on new equipment

The company needs new computer equipment and software. It will be used mainly for work but also for private matters. Should you or your company claim tax relief for it, and what are the potential savings from the more efficient option? More...


Number formatting tips

There may be times when you need to represent numbers in a spreadsheet in a different format from the standard built-in ones. When are custom number formats likely to be most helpful? More...


New international trade terms for 2020

A brand new set of Incoterms - internationally recognised standard trading terms - come into effect on 1 January 2020. Can you make use of these? More...


Correcting mistakes in financial statements

Despite the best efforts of all those responsible for the preparation and approval of financial statements, occasionally errors occur. If you identify a mistake in your company’s previous year’s accounts, how should you deal with it? More...
Last updated: 12.11.2019

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