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How to restructure debt tax efficiently

The MD’s father, also a director, lent money to the company to assist her in setting it up. To strengthen the balance sheet, she now wants to write off the loan. Are there any tax implications in doing so and is there a better alternative?

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Is it time to go cashless?

Interest in cashless transactions is only set to increase on the back of the coronavirus crisis. It’s tricky to compare the services available yet there are savings to be made. But how much? More...


How to clean up dirty data

One of the biggest hurdles to overcome when trying to combine data is having to clean up data that has, for example, extra spaces in cells or numerous duplicates, i.e. it’s “dirty”. How can Excel help you speed up the process? More...


How do you account for the coronavirus assistance?

There are various government schemes available to support SMEs during the coronavirus outbreak, such as furlough and the Small Business Grant Fund. How should you record these in your accounting software and are they taxable? More...


A better way to show year on year changes in Excel

The board has asked you to come up with a year on year variance report. One way of doing this is to use formulas, but this will take time to set up and can lead to errors if changes are made to the data table. Is there a better way? More...


Preparing a short-term cash-flow forecast

With the coronavirus crisis, the company’s cash flow is starting to come under pressure. The board have asked you to prepare a short-term cash-flow forecast covering the next three months. Where do you start? More...
Last updated: 03.07.2020

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