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How to make a successful coronavirus loan application

You’ve heard that businesses have struggled to get one of the new Coronavirus Business Interruption Loans. What can you do to maximise your chances of getting your hands on the cash?

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Managing cash flow during the coronavirus crisis

With the coronavirus pandemic likely to negatively affect nearly all businesses in some way, your focus will probably be on how to ensure the business continues to have enough cash to survive. What should you be looking at? More...


Payslips - are you toeing the line?

In spite of the requirements changing in 2019, it seems that thousands of workers still aren’t receiving a payslip. What is the law on this and can you ensure you keep the related costs to a minimum? More...


Are you missing out on VAT bad debt relief?

Reviewing the sales ledger and identifying a number of balances which are significantly overdue isn’t good news. But you may be able to give your cash flow a welcome boost if you can claim the VAT back on them. How does it work? More...


Borrow from your pension fund

Your company needs an injection of money. One option is a bank loan. But another is to tap into the director’s pension fund. How do you do that and what are the potential savings? More...


Stamp duty savings

Stamp duty land tax (SDLT) rates can differ considerably depending on whether the land or building you’re buying is for business or residential use. How can you benefit and what might you save? More...
Last updated: 29.05.2020

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