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Extra pay for bank holiday work?

You’ve decided to carry out an IT upgrade over the Easter weekend and need some staff to help out. Will you have to pay them extra to work a bank holiday and what are the rules on this?

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How to reduce the risk of failing to prevent tax evasion

HMRC has recently ramped up its resources to tackle the new corporate criminal offence of failing to prevent the facilitation of tax evasion. What should you be doing to ensure your company isn’t at risk? More...


Bonus schemes to drive consultancy sales

Your company wants to invigorate sales activity by the consultancy teams. Selling consultancy services is a team effort. How do you begin to design a bonus scheme that fairly rewards those responsible for making the sale happen? More...


Discounted gift trusts - the benefits

The business has been sold and the directors are sitting on a pile of cash. However, there is inheritance tax to consider. Is a discounted gift trust an option and, if so, what might be the savings? More...


How many shares to distribute in a start up?

You’ve taken the plunge and decided to go into business with a friend, starting up a company. You are the financial controller and your friend is in charge of sales. Anticipating hiring staff, you want to be able to offer shares. What next? More...


Changes to the quarterly instalment payments

Companies categorised by HMRC as large have to pay their corporation tax (CT) bill in quarterly instalments. From 1 April 2019, for very large companies these quarterly payments will be four months earlier. Does this apply to you? More...
Last updated: 21.05.2019

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