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How to successfully negotiate time to pay

The corporation tax (CT) bill is due soon but you’re concerned the company won’t have enough cash to pay it. You’ve heard HMRC has made changes to its existing time to pay (TTP) scheme for coronavirus. Can you take advantage?

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How to restructure debt tax efficiently

The MD’s father, also a director, lent money to the company to assist her in setting it up. To strengthen the balance sheet, she now wants to write off the loan. Are there any tax implications in doing so and is there a better alternative? More...


How to make a successful coronavirus loan application

You’ve heard that businesses have struggled to get one of the new Coronavirus Business Interruption Loans. What can you do to maximise your chances of getting your hands on the cash? More...


How to dodge the mail price hike

Stamp prices have gone up sharply again which has made you wonder how much your business is spending on postage these days. Are there any options to make savings? More...


Setting cash collection targets

Although larger debts are being collected, you’ve noticed that the level of older debts is building up. How can you motivate your sales ledger staff to keep debtor days down to an acceptable level? More...


Share the company car?

A friend has told you that you can save tax and NI if your company car is provided to your spouse instead of you as they pay tax at a lower rate. Are they right and if so what are the potential savings? More...
Last updated: 02.06.2020

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