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Will your company qualify for the new goodwill relief?

A new relief is available for goodwill acquired after 1 April 2019 and HMRC published guidance in June 2019 as to how this will work in practice. Will your company be able to take advantage?

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Unlimited holidays. Really?

The talk of summer sunshine breaks has resulted in someone floating the idea of “unlimited holidays” as a sensible business idea. This is a bad idea, but could it be turned into a cost saving? More...


Jobs for the boys. And girls

The summer holidays are fast approaching; a time when the kids will be complaining that they’re “bored” and do little that is productive. Is this an opportunity to keep them busy and save some tax in the process? More...


Balance sheet review

The new finance director has told you that she wants a quick review of the balance sheet each month. Until now, you’ve only been asked to analyse the profit and loss account. Is there a neat report that you can propose to her? More...


Time reporting done accurately

The directors have reviewed the latest staff utilisation report. A number of inconsistencies were identified. The directors agreed that the report wasn’t reliable enough to be useful, so what can you do to improve time reporting? More...


Save tax on sale of the business

You’re selling your premises and other business assets and relocating. You know that taxation of the capital gain from the sale can be at least partly deferred. But how do you get the maximum benefit and what will the savings be? More...
Last updated: 20.08.2019

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