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Using the Piotroski Score

Your company has some spare cash and is looking to invest it in shares which show high earnings quality. One commonly used tool to assess this is the Piotroski Score. How do you calculate and interpret it?

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Beefing up the balance sheet

Due to the UK’s uncertain economic climate, profit is down slightly on the prior year and you’re concerned that your company won’t keep its high credit rating when the accounts are filed. Is there a way to mask the downturn? More...


Mitigating the forex risk

Your company trades with customers and suppliers based in the EU. Although the final outcome of the Brexit trade deal is uncertain, sterling and euro volatility remains a key risk for UK businesses. How can you mitigate it? More...


Get the kids invested in the business now

Your long-term plan is for your children to take over the family company but they are far too young at the moment. Is it worth giving them shares in the business now as a tax-saving measure? More...


Employment allowance changes

Since 2014 most businesses have been able to claim the employment allowance (EA). But there are stricter eligibility criteria from April 2020. Are you affected? More...


Who pays for pothole damage?

England’s roads are in a terrible state. Potholes can cause huge amounts of damage to your vehicles, especially in the winter. Is it worth claiming the repairs back from the council and what will you save? More...
Last updated: 27.03.2020

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