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Bonus schemes - getting the balance right

It’s a new year and you’ve been tasked with reviewing the company’s bonus scheme to ensure it will incentivise staff and that the company can afford it. What factors do you need to consider?

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Share options and dilution

The owners of your business have been advised to set up a share option scheme. They are concerned about having their ownership diluted and losing control over the business. Are there any ways their fears can be mitigated? More...


Longer term profit projections using KPIs

The MD is looking at long term planning and has asked you to prepare some profit projections over a five-year period. The company usually plans one year out. How should you approach this new task? More...


Try before you hire

Recruiting new staff is a costly and time-consuming process, especially if a new employee doesn’t perform as expected. Could you offer a trial if you are unsure, and what might this save you in the long run? More...


How can you add more value to your reports?

You spend a lot of time writing commentary to explain the numbers in your management accounts but some of the board have told you there’s too much information. How can you make your reports simpler but still informative? More...


Accounting for investment properties under FRS 102

There’s some confusion, even amongst accountants in practice, regarding the correct way to account for investment properties under FRS 102. How should they be shown in your annual statutory accounts? More...
Last updated: 20.02.2019

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