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Staying compliant

The Environment Agency (EA) has stated its position on compliance during the coronavirus pandemic. What is expected of you? More...


Might you see an inspector?


The EA’s new enforcement policy

The Environment Agency (EA) has released its latest enforcement and sanctions policy detailing how it intends to use its powers to secure compliance with environmental regulations. What do you need to know? More...


Enforcement gap causes concern

Campaigners have published a report highlighting year- on-year cuts to the budgets of the organisations which protect the natural environment. What are the details? More...


Can you be incentivised to comply with regulation?

The Environment Agency (EA) is looking into how more incentives might be used when it comes to regulating business on environmental performance. What do you need to know? More...


Prosecution numbers drying up

Environment Agency (EA) statistics show that prosecution numbers have dropped significantly over the last few years. Why? More...


Why you shouldn’t obstruct an officer

In January 2019 five employees appealed against convictions for obstructing Environment Agency (EA) officers. What can be learned from this? More...


What’s happened to the Environment Agency?

The Environment Agency (EA) drastically reduced the number of enforcement actions it pursued in 2018. Does this mean more companies are being let off the hook? More...


Seconded to Brexit duties


Enforcement update - fines are up

Figures from the Environment Agency show an improving level of compliance in general, alongside a major increase in penalties. What’s the detail? More...
Last updated: 03.06.2020

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