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Cut the carbon

Although the number of companies making “carbon neutral” claims has decreased, Microsoft has bucked the trend. So should you follow suit? More...


Reporting on carbon emissions

Thanks to new standards and methodologies, it’s getting easier for large companies to report on indirect emissions from their supply chain. Why should it concern small businesses and what might be expected of you in the future? More...


What’s “carbon retirement”?

Carbon offsetting has been the subject of much negative press. But if you are still keen to offset your carbon emissions, could the “retirement” of offset credits prove a viable alternative? More...


A decent carbon offsetting scheme?

The government has launched a new scheme to provide businesses with a more reliable way to offset their carbon. Is this really something that you should consider using? More...


Are you green enough for BT?

BT has just launched a new procurement policy that places strong green demands on its small and medium sized business suppliers. Is it alone in doing this and how might the evolution of such strategies affect you in the future? More...


Q&A - Is carbon reporting on the cards?


Making carbon friendly investments

Your company is looking to invest capital and is considering a “green option”. You’ve been told that investing in timber is a high return, low risk, ethical investment, which is both profitable and carbon friendly. Is this really the case? More...


A new standard of carbon neutral

The British Standards Institution (BSI) has recently released a new standard that sets out how to cut energy use, benchmark performance and help you to make your business “carbon neutral”. So is it worth looking into? More...


Legal obligation to cut carbon

In April, the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) kicked in. Why has this scheme been brought in, which businesses are affected and what, if any, action should you take to comply with it? More...


Does carbon offsetting have a future?

Support for carbon offsetting schemes has recently taken a major hit with some businesses dropping them altogether. What’s to know? More...
Last updated: 13.12.2019

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