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New fuel labels


Is 2019 the right time for an electric vehicle?

The question of whether to go down the electric vehicle (EV) route keeps cropping up. Are there more convincing arguments to go electric, or should you stay as you are for the time being? More...


New rules for clean transport fuels

New renewable transport fuel rules came into effect in April 2018. What changes have been made and what are the implications for fleet managers and businesses making renewable energy? More...


Moving away from diesel

The RAC has completed research which identified that many businesses are considering switching from diesel vehicles. Are they right to be considering this or should they stay put for the time being? More...


Polluting vehicles are costly

“Buy diesel” the government said “it’s greener and more efficient”. But now the green bubble has burst the advice has changed. Where does this leave you? More...


Have diesel vehicles had their day?

New clean air zones that charge for or even ban the most polluting of vehicles are likely to be needed in several English cities projected to fail air quality tests, according to a group of MEPs. What will happen and how can you prepare? More...


Dubious emissions counts

It’s come to light that the official emissions rating for some cars might not reflect those generated during real life usage of the vehicle. Is this likely to make a huge difference to you and, if so, how? More...


Are diesel cars no longer a green option?

For many years diesel vehicles have been considered a green alternative to petrol ones. However, the tide may have turned. Does this mean that it’s time to trade in your current vehicle? More...


Second-hand market for electric cars

In 2014 we reported that bargains were available in the second-hand electric car market. However, these vehicles had big question marks over issues such as battery life. Are they now worth considering? More...


Are fuel cards the green answer?

According to the Energy Saving Trust (EST) issuing your staff with fuel cards is a “convenient and secure” way of managing fuel use across your fleet of vehicles. Are they worth considering? More...
Last updated: 13.12.2019

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