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Changes to road tax

It’s been reported that the Chancellor has pulled the rug from under the green car movement with his Summer Budget. What has he done? More...


Tax breaks on green cars

If you drive a company car, it’s becoming ever more costly in terms of the taxable benefit in kind. The government wants us to look at greener options. What’s available? More...


How green was the Budget?

Budget 2014 has prompted some commentators to claim that the government has given up on the environment. What’s the real story? More...


Q&A - will the government cut green levies?


Budget impact on low emission vehicles

The Budget 2013 included changes to benefit in kind rates which will impact plug-in and other low emission vehicles, with two new tax bands being created. What do you need to know, and is it as good as it sounds? More...


Chancellor’s Autumn Statement

There was positive news in the Autumn Statement for organisations considering ultra-low emission vehicles. But what else did the Chancellor announce and what should you be aware of ahead of March’s Budget? More...


Incentives to green your car fleet

The recent Budget set out how changes coming in 2014 will encourage further greening of your car fleets, including keeping company car tax liability and employers’ Class 1A National Insurance contributions in check. What’s to know? More...


Landfill Tax goes up again

Landfill Tax has gone up again as part of the government’s effort to tackle the UK’s waste problem. What should you do to get your waste bill under control and what help might be on offer from your local council and waste contractor? More...


Did the Budget deliver anything green?


Pre-Budget Report is pro electric vehicles

The Pre-Budget Report, published by the Chancellor in late 2009, includes tax breaks for those willing to invest in electric vehicles. So are the incentives good enough to warrant the switch to electric? More...
Last updated: 09.12.2019

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