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Risk appraisal regime for regulated industries to change

The way in which environmental permits for regulated industries in England are evaluated and charged is to be changed. What is happening and how could your business be affected? More...


Civil sanctions to be used in Scotland

Since 1 June 2016 the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency has been able to issue civil sanctions for environmental offences. When might these be used and can they be used by authorities in the rest of the UK? More...


Q&A - are inspectors doing random visits?


Energy scheme deadline looming


Sort your site out

The owners of a waste site pushed their luck too far with the Environment Agency (EA). What steps were taken to deal with the company and how could it have avoided getting into such a mess? More...


Options for enforcement officers

The Environment Agency (EA) has published guidance that sets out which legislation it enforces and how breaches of the law will be dealt with. Is it a useful document? More...


The use of civil sanctions limited

The Department for Business, Innovation & Skills wants to release small and medium-sized businesses from the shackles of civil sanctions imposed for environmental offences. What does this mean and is it good news? More...


Duty of care

A recent case has highlighted how businesses can be caught out when they’re reported by another company for causing pollution. What are the details and what can you learn from it? More...
Last updated: 23.01.2020

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