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Will climate change affect you?

The Environment Agency (EA) has published a report that urges businesses to prepare for climate change. What does it suggest? More...


New penalties for F-gas violations

The government is set to introduce civil penalties for violations of the F-gas Regulations. What is being proposed and what do you need to do to stay within the law? More...


Donald dumps Paris


Agreed in Paris

On 5 October 2016 The Paris Agreement, which requires signatories to collectively ensure global warming is capped at 1.5-2°C, was ratified. When does it come into effect and what impact is it likely to have? More...


The global climate agreement - are you affected?

At the global climate change summit held in Paris during December 2015, a deal was finally struck to curb carbon emissions at a global level. What was agreed and what impact is it likely to have on your business? More...


Scrapping the carbon commitment

The government has launched a consultation on the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) Energy Efficiency Scheme and any future business regulation of energy use. What does it say and what might happen next? More...


New government policies?

With a Conservative government in place until 2020, what can you expect in terms of environmental policy? Is a swing to green the likely outcome? More...


Mandatory reporting for Scotland’s public sector bodies

The Scottish government intends to make climate change reporting mandatory for all public sector organisations. What does that mean, and what will be the implications for businesses supplying the public sector in Scotland? More...


Online energy labels

On January 1 2015 the rules regarding energy labels for some products are changing. What brought about these changes, what’s different and is this likely to make much difference to you? More...


New recycling targets for glass packaging

The government has announced new targets for glass recycling. What are these and what are the implications for those dealing with glass products and packaging? More...
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