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Dust blighted neighbourhood

A company and its director have found themselves in court after increased volumes of waste led to a breach of an environmental permit and multiple complaints from local residents. What happened? More...


Required when working near water

The Environment Agency and Natural Resources Wales have proposed amendments to the environmental permitting regime in relation to flood-risk activities. What might change and how could you be affected? More...


New permit guidance and support

The Environment Agency (EA) has issued a new list of fees, permit guidance and licences. Has much changed and how might you be affected? More...


Agency backtracks on permit refusal

A waste treatment company has won an appeal to be given an environmental permit for a new facility. What factors stood in its way and how were these overcome? More...


Assess environmental risks

As part of the environmental permit application, you’ve been told that you need to complete a risk assessment to identify the significant risks on your site. How should you approach this? More...


No control? No permit

The owner of a scrapyard has lost his environmental permit because he did not have control over what went on there. What triggered these events and what does it tell you about the rules? More...


Renting property - what’s happening behind your back?

You’re looking for a tenant and a recycling firm has expressed an interest. A colleague has got you worried saying they could be a risk. If true, what do you need to do to cover your back? More...


Avoid additional inspection visits

A manufacturer operating under an environmental permit has seen its risk rating increased by the licensing authority and, as a consequence, now has to pay higher fees and face more intervention visits. What can be learned from this? More...


Consistently ignoring their duties

A case heard in January 2016 concerned a business which operated on the basis of maximum profit with minimal compliance. What drew the business to the Environment Agency’s attention? More...


Are penalties getting tougher?

Data suggests that the level of punishment for breaching environmental permits has risen threefold in some sectors. Why is this? More...
Last updated: 13.12.2019

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