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Prepare for a flood

In the UK we’re fortunate to avoid many of the natural disasters that other countries face, but flooding is an exception. These events devastate businesses and put workers in danger. Use our document to prepare for the worst. More...


Cost of flooding hits record highs

The Environment Agency has calculated that the floods in 2015/16 caused almost £2bn of damage. What can be learned from these findings? More...


Flooding 2016 - the state of play

There has been a series of reviews on flood risks and how they’re being managed. What are the findings and is there anything new on the table for businesses? More...


Flood Action campaign 2015/16

The Environment Agency (EA) is urging businesses to protect themselves from flooding this winter. What should you be doing? More...


Q&A - where can we find flood warnings?


Oblivious to the risks

Research has identified that small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) are more exposed to losses from flooding than larger firms. Might your business be one of them and, if so, what steps should you be taking to manage the risks? More...


Funding for flooded properties

The government has made grants of £5,000 available to those who were affected by the recent flooding. What can the money be spent on, and what do you need to do to get your hands on it? More...


Flood planning for the future

Large parts of the country have been affected by flooding in recent months. What should you do to protect your business in the future? More...


Heightened risk of flooding this winter

The Environment Agency (EA) has urged businesses and homeowners to prepare for flooding this season as wet and windy weather looks set to continue. What should you be doing? More...


Prepare for more flooding

In recent months, prolonged heavy rainfall has caused widespread flooding across much of the UK. Why should you prepare for more? More...
Last updated: 22.03.2019

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