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Fire may have caused ground contamination

Soil within a 1.2km radius of Grenfell Tower has been found to contain high levels of toxic chemicals. What is the problem and what options are available to businesses and others who find their grounds are similarly affected? More...


Nitrate pollution under spotlight

The House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee is investigating the scale of nitrate pollution and the likely sources. This could change the way it is regulated in the future. What do you need to know? More...


Record fine for water pollution

Thames Water has been fined a record £20 million for allowing over one billion litres of raw sewage to pollute the River Thames. Why was the fine so high and what lessons can be learned from this case? More...


Being a green company won’t save you


Fined for polluting the sea and a watercourse

Southern Water was fined £500,000 after an investigation found that untreated sewage was discharged into a local brook. What can be learned from this unfortunate case? More...


New guidance on discharges to groundwater

The Environment Agency (EA) has recently updated the technical guidance note which spells out how water discharge and groundwater activity permits should be managed. What’s to know? More...


Dealing with spills

The Environment Agency (EA) has updated the guidance material that describes how spills should be dealt with. What does it advise? More...


Discharging AFFF fire extinguishers

Apparently, “AFFF” fire extinguishers contain toxic chemicals which, if released, will cause significant environmental damage - for which you could be held liable. Is this really the case? More...


Is it worth washing vehicles on your site?

You’ve been thinking about building a basic vehicle wash bay on your site. However, you’ve heard that there are too many environmental hurdles to get over to make it a worthwhile investment. Is this really the case? More...


How expensive could a cracked pipe be?

Although you may think that the biggest cost of a leaking fuel pipe would be in lost fuel, the clean up costs could be far more. What can you learn from a previous case in which 2,000 litres of oil leaked into the ground? More...
Last updated: 09.12.2019

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