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Nitrogen in the spotlight

More than 150 scientists have signed a letter urging the world to take urgent action on nitrogen pollution. What is this type of pollution and what impact will addressing it have on your business? More...


Lead scare caused by Notre Dame fire

The roof of Notre Dame cathedral contained hundreds of tonnes of lead cladding. When fire engulfed the building in April 2019 toxic particles were released, settling on neighbouring buildings and the soil. What’s happened since? More...


Cigarette butts are the forgotten pollution


Fire may have caused ground contamination

Soil within a 1.2km radius of Grenfell Tower has been found to contain high levels of toxic chemicals. What is the problem and what options are available to businesses and others who find their grounds are similarly affected? More...


Waste fires are too prevalent says agency

The Environment Agency is concerned that fires at waste sites, especially vehicle recycling facilities, are occurring more frequently. What must waste operators do to contain the risk? More...


Responding well to a spillage

If a pollution incident occurs, preparation is key to minimising the damage caused. Use our template document to develop your procedures and prepare your staff. More...


Man set fire to building to avoid demolition costs

In a highly unusual case, a property owner has appeared in court on environmental charges having burned down a building which he had been ordered to demolish. What happened? More...


Storing oil safely

An oil leak can cause significant and long-term environmental harm. Use our document to make sure your storage is fit for purpose and that any leak is properly contained. More...


Q&A - how to prevent spills from generators?


Diesel leaked at hospital

Two contractors have been fined for polluting groundwater when over 11,000 litres of diesel leaked during a redevelopment project. Could this incident have been avoided? More...
Last updated: 23.01.2020

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