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F-gases in the transition period

The UK will regulate fluorinated gases from 1 January 2021. However, during the transition period, how can businesses continue to trade in F-gases in the UK and throughout the EU? More...


Dust management checklist

When large amounts of dust are generated it can cause environmental harm and complaints from the neighbours. Use our checklist to work out how you can exert more control over this hazard. More...


The threat of ambient air pollution

Ambient air pollution is increasingly posing a threat to health and is a major priority for the government. Who is likely to be affected by this the most and how can you manage the associated risks effectively? More...


What is climate change resilience?

A proposal to build a new “energy from waste” plant has been rejected by planners because it failed to include details of how climate change might impact the project. Is this a sign of things to come? More...


Cabbies at risk from pollution


Big stink at power plant

A firm which operates an anaerobic digestion plant in Middlesbrough has been fined for the four days of misery it caused residents nearby. It blamed a contractor, but why did the excuse not wash? More...


Control fumes and odours on site

If your premises is emitting a nasty smell, you can be sure of attracting complaints from the neighbours. To prevent this type of pollution use our checklist to review your operations. More...


Biomass pollution fine

A business in Northampton has been ordered to pay a fine and compensation after it admitted breaching an abatement notice demanding that it stops fumes from its biomass boiler. What can be learned from this case? More...


Man set fire to building to avoid demolition costs

In a highly unusual case, a property owner has appeared in court on environmental charges having burned down a building which he had been ordered to demolish. What happened? More...


Clean air strategy

A draft strategy to deal with poor air quality has been launched by the government. What are its key pledges and how might your business be affected by the new legislation? More...
Last updated: 29.05.2020

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