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Biomass pollution fine

A business in Northampton has been ordered to pay a fine and compensation after it admitted breaching an abatement notice demanding that it stops fumes from its biomass boiler. What can be learned from this case? More...


Man set fire to building to avoid demolition costs

In a highly unusual case, a property owner has appeared in court on environmental charges having burned down a building which he had been ordered to demolish. What happened? More...


Clean air strategy

A draft strategy to deal with poor air quality has been launched by the government. What are its key pledges and how might your business be affected by the new legislation? More...


Air pollution from construction

According to the Considerate Constructors Scheme, more needs to be done to tackle air pollution. What should you consider? More...


London boroughs insist on going ultra-low

From March 2018, drivers of conventional vehicles will be unable to enter certain areas of the London boroughs of Hackney and Islington. Is this trend likely to extend to the rest of the capital, and what are the specific rules? More...


Smoke gets in your eyes

Your neighbour often burns large items of waste and it’s causing smoke to drift across your premises. Do you have grounds for a complaint and if so how should you go about it? More...


Regulating air pollution

The Environment Agency (EA) will replace English local councils in enforcing air pollution legislation in some installations. How might this affect you? More...


Over to you


Emissions target failed (again!)


New Mayor of London has green plans

Last updated: 14.12.2018

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