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Compressed air systems

Many businesses require the use of air compressors, but if they are not managed correctly both money and energy can be lost. What can you do to prevent this from happening? More...


Electricity wasted in cold appliances

A study has highlighted wasted electricity consumption in fridges and freezers which could be costing businesses hundreds of thousands of pounds per year. What can you do to keep your costs low for cold appliance use? More...


Energy efficiency - powerless to act?

A study published by the British Chambers of Commerce and British Gas has revealed that 27% of businesses in rented premises have no control over energy efficiency. What’s being done to address this situation? More...


Small steps to big data

Big data is reportedly the solution to everything these days - including reduced environmental impacts. But how can you use data to your advantage without getting too technical? More...


Scheme launched to tackle energy costs


Chopping furniture to cut costs

You’ve been wondering whether to cut back on office space, but your options are limited. Could there be an environmentally and economically friendly way to fit everyone in without buying new, smaller desks? More...


Energy brokers to watch out for

It appears that energy brokers have been using some pretty dodgy tactics to get businesses to sign up to energy packages, including supposedly “green deals”. What’s going on and is the situation about to change? More...


Energy bills - what’s the latest?

Recently, there’s been much talk from the government about energy production, prices and bills. What’s going on and how might you be affected? More...


Keeping the lights on

The government has recently published a draft Energy Bill. What will the legislation achieve and is it likely to have a significant impact on your business? More...


Not a smart use of energy

British Gas has found that some businesses are spending 50% of their electricity bills powering equipment when no one is around. How was this information collected and how can you avoid wasting energy? More...
Last updated: 03.04.2020

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