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Illegal waste site prosecution

Two former directors have been given three months to pay over £1m after being found guilty of running a waste site illegally. What happened and how could they have avoided this outcome? More...


Construction site faced £9 million clean-up bill

A recycling firm and an ex-director have been found guilty of dumping toxic waste by disguising it as useful construction materials. What happened and what should you be aware of to avoid getting caught up in such situations? More...


Consistently ignoring their duties

A case heard in January 2016 concerned a business which operated on the basis of maximum profit with minimal compliance. What drew the business to the Environment Agency’s attention? More...


The difference between disposal and recovery

A High Court case has raised the question about the distinction between disposal of waste and using waste materials in business operations. What can be learned from it? More...


Waste director pays the price

As a case heard in October 2015 shows, if you ignore the conditions of an environmental permit, you’re not only at risk of being fined. Why did a scrap business end up in court and what were the penalties? More...


£350,000 pay back for waste crimes


Illegal scrap metal dealing - know the signs

The Environment Agency (EA) has been clamping down on unlicensed scrap metal dealers and vehicle dismantlers. What has it done, and as a potential customer of such businesses what do you need to know? More...


Director disqualified for waste exports

A company director has pleaded guilty to attempting to ship eleven containers of waste electrical goods to Ghana. Why was it a crime and how should you go about exporting similar materials? More...


Fly-tipping “epidemic”

Despite the fact that criminals are risking a £ 50,000 fine, according to many are continuing to fly-tip. How might you be affected and what can you do to protect your business? More...


Prosecuted for illegally exporting e-waste

Eight men and three companies have been ordered to pay more than £220,000 for their part in illegally exporting broken electronics from the UK. What can you do to ensure you’re not caught up in this trade? More...
Last updated: 19.07.2019

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