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Large fine for burning hazardous waste

A firm in Newcastle has pleaded guilty to the open burning of waste and mixing hazardous and non-hazardous materials. What lessons can be learned from this case? More...


Ignoring the rules on burning waste


Retailer fined for burning waste

In a case brought by the Environment Agency (EA), a chain of discount stores has recently been fined for illegally dumping and burning waste at two of its sites in the West Country. What’s to know? More...


Dumping and burning asbestos

The boss of a Devon skip hire company has been imprisoned for nine months for illegally burning and burying waste which included asbestos. What can be learned from this particular case? More...


Q&A - have the rules on bonfires been relaxed?


Where there’s smoke, there’s fire

A contractor decided that the best way of clearing waste from a site was to burn it. However, in doing so, he created acrid black smoke which drove neighbours indoors and prompted complaints. How did he deal with them? More...


Complying with paperwork

If you have written permission from the Environment Agency (EA) to burn certain types of waste, deviating from the list of acceptable materials could be expensive. What has a recent case highlighted? More...


Burning the evidence

A fencing company has recently been prosecuted and fined by the Environment Agency because they ignored warnings about bonfires. Are they illegal, or was there another reason for this case to be brought? More...


Not another bonfire!

OK, so you know bonfire night has passed, but rubbish keeps accumulating and you want to get rid of it. A bonfire would be the answer but you’ve been told that it’s illegal to have one other than on November 5. But is this really the case? More...
Last updated: 14.12.2018

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