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Government moves car ban forward to 2035


Are hydrogen-electric vehicles worth a look?

Drinks firm AB InBev has completed its first zero-emission beer delivery, 18 months after placing an order for 800 hydrogen-powered trucks. What do you need to know and is it time to rethink your fleet strategy? More...


The electric vehicle push

The government has announced that it will double its funding for on-street electric vehicle (EV) charging and introduce more rapid charge systems in cities. So does the use of fully EVs now make sense for your business? More...


Electric is the way forward...


Have diesel vehicles had their day?

New clean air zones that charge for or even ban the most polluting of vehicles are likely to be needed in several English cities projected to fail air quality tests, according to a group of MEPs. What will happen and how can you prepare? More...


Budget impact on low emission vehicles

The Budget 2013 included changes to benefit in kind rates which will impact plug-in and other low emission vehicles, with two new tax bands being created. What do you need to know, and is it as good as it sounds? More...


Ultra-low emission zone for London

Boris Johnson is determined to get even tougher with congestion and pollution in London. To do this his plan is to enforce an Ultra-Low Emission Zone. Is it likely to happen and, if so, what would it mean and how could you prepare for it? More...


Electric vehicles - do the sums add up?

The Energy Saving Trust (EST) has launched a new initiative which helps businesses find the “sweet spots” in their operations where electric vehicles might provide a clear financial benefit. Is it worth looking into? More...


5,000 reasons to buy an electric car

In a bid to kick-start the electric vehicle market, the government is stumping up £5,000 towards the cost of each car. So does this make these vehicles a viable option and, if so, how do you get your hands on the cash? More...


Buying a new car? Thought about going electric?

They might get flak from some corners, but electric cars are being touted as a money and environment saver. Is this really the case and are they an option you should give consideration to? More...
Last updated: 29.05.2020

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