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Increase in supermarket plastic use

There’s a great deal in the news about what supermarkets are doing to reduce their impact on the environment. But are they really making any headway? A new report shows an increase in the use of plastic packaging. What’s to know? More...


The impact of Christmas on waste


Plastic - a material risk to your business

A report published by an environmental law firm suggests that companies face “serious material business risks for their involvement in creating plastic waste”. What could this mean for you? More...


What are bioplastics?

As plastics continue to attract negative attention, greener alternatives are coming to the fore, including “bioplastics”. What are they and do they warrant a further look? More...


Plastic bag levy charge going up

The government plans to extend compulsory plastic bag charging. What has brought this on, which stores will be affected and when can you expect the changes to be made? More...


A future with less plastic waste

The waste industry has put forward a new way of categorising plastic products in response to the government’s target to eliminate all avoidable plastic waste. What does it recommend and what are the likely implications? More...


Offsetting plastic

It is now possible to calculate and offset your plastic footprint. What does this process involve, is there any value in it and is it something that you should consider looking into? More...


Plastics aren’t too popular

The government has put reducing plastic waste at the top of its priority list. What effect is this likely to have and what steps can you take to avoid adding to the problem? More...


Cut packaging

If you’ve been using the same packaging materials for many years, not only might you be failing to comply with your legal duties, but you could be missing out on potential cost savings. What should you be looking at? More...


The plastic bag fight back?

We’ve already said that many are seeking alternatives to disposable plastic carrier bags due to environmental reasons. However, the bag manufacturers are fighting back, saying that they’re not that bad. Who should you believe? More...
Last updated: 03.06.2020

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