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How to save energy and money in the office

As part of your environmental strategy you are looking for ways to reduce your office energy consumption. Use our checklist to identify your current strengths and weaknesses. More...


Rural heating options

Research suggests that British businesses are wasting money and creating tonnes of carbon because they use oil rather than LPG. Is this correct and should you switch? More...


Cities without light

The French government has introduced new laws that will force shops and commercial properties to switch off lights at night, to save energy and reduce light pollution. Is the UK government likely to follow suit? More...


Is your energy company willing to help?

Keen to show that the sector has evolved, more and more energy companies are helping businesses to save on their fuel bills. So what can you expect of your energy provider? More...


Summer turn-off campaign

During the summer energy bills are traditionally much lower. However, many fail to make the most of potential savings by forgetting to change settings, etc. What should you be doing to minimise your usage? More...


Motion sensors - great idea, but…


Cutting lighting costs

According to the Energy Saving Trust, we waste £180 million in energy costs through lights being left on. How can you discourage this and are there other ways of cutting your lighting bills? More...
Last updated: 29.05.2020

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