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Fire may have caused ground contamination

Soil within a 1.2km radius of Grenfell Tower has been found to contain high levels of toxic chemicals. What is the problem and what options are available to businesses and others who find their grounds are similarly affected? More...


Waste fires are too prevalent says agency

The Environment Agency is concerned that fires at waste sites, especially vehicle recycling facilities, are occurring more frequently. What must waste operators do to contain the risk? More...


Tesco under the pump

Tesco has been fined £8 million after one of its petrol stations in the North West suffered a fuel leak. The resulting pollution required a multi-agency clean up. What was the impact on the local environment and residents? More...


Consistently ignoring their duties

A case heard in January 2016 concerned a business which operated on the basis of maximum profit with minimal compliance. What drew the business to the Environment Agency’s attention? More...


Preventing pollution on your construction site

If you work on construction sites there’s a high risk of causing environmental damage. Use our checklist to help you identify potential sources of pollution and ensure they’re managed effectively. More...


Keep fines in check

As it’s impossible to prevent all accidents, as a recent case proves, if the worst happens you can take steps to significantly reduce its impact on your business. What should you do? More...


Guidance on pollution prevention

The Environment Agency is once again promoting its basic guidance on what can cause pollution and how to prevent it on your site. What’s covered and is it worth looking into? More...


Prosecuted for causing a fly infestation

A poultry farm has been prosecuted by the Environment Agency (EA) because it caused an infestation of flies. How did it manage to do this and how can you avoid a similar problem? More...


Is it worth washing vehicles on your site?

You’ve been thinking about building a basic vehicle wash bay on your site. However, you’ve heard that there are too many environmental hurdles to get over to make it a worthwhile investment. Is this really the case? More...


No ice, thank you

Winter is here and you’ve decided that it’s about time to get some rock salt to clear walkways and paths of ice on your site. However, a colleague is insisting that you shouldn’t because it can cause pollution. Is this really the case? More...
Last updated: 29.05.2020

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