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New waste strategy announced

New government plans will force businesses to pay for the cost of packaging waste and make it easier for consumers to recycle. What’s in store? More...


Keeping a count of your waste

All businesses have a responsibility to use resources efficiently and this includes minimising the waste sent to landfill. But how can you measure your success? The first step is to take stock of where you are. How should you do this? More...


Waste hierarchy policy

Under the new Waste Regulations 2011, businesses must show that they have adhered to the waste hierarchy. Having a written policy will confirm your company’s commitment and show how you will stay legal. What should it say? More...


Waste Regulations 2011 kick in

Since the end of September, the waste hierarchy, as defined in the Waste (England and Wales) Regulations 2011, must be followed. How might this affect you? More...


Government review of waste

A number of announcements were made as part of the government’s latest review of waste policy. What has been decided and how might your business be affected as a result? More...


Revision of waste law

The government has recently amended the law which covers how certain waste-handling activities are controlled and enforced by the Environment Agency. What’s new and how might you be affected? More...


Pre-treatment of waste, six months on

Although there’s been a duty to treat non-hazardous waste since October 2007, so far the Environment Agency (EA) has left businesses alone. However, now it’s decided to start checking up. What should you be doing? More...


Five-stage plan to reduce your waste line

As waste is likely to be costing your business at least 4.5% of turnover every year, you need to take steps to cut it. So why not follow our five-stage plan to help reduce your refuse? More...


What’s the HazRed project?

You’ve heard someone mention the HazRed project. You know that it’s something to do with waste, but what exactly is the project about and is it something that could be of interest to your company? More...


Increase your profits by 4.5%

How do you make waste interesting? By seeing it as a way to increase your profitability by up to 4.5% without adding any more customers. Is this figure really achievable, and if so, what’s involved? More...
Last updated: 25.02.2020

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