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What’s happened to the Environment Agency?

The Environment Agency (EA) drastically reduced the number of enforcement actions it pursued in 2018. Does this mean more companies are being let off the hook? More...


Record undertakings by the EA

Figures published by the Environment Agency identify that it’s making greater use of the enforcement undertakings scheme. What’s the story? More...


Different approach to enforcement

The Environment Agency (EA) is making greater use of its ability to issue enforcement undertakings against those who have breached environmental legislation. Is this a good move? More...


Options for enforcement officers

The Environment Agency (EA) has published guidance that sets out which legislation it enforces and how breaches of the law will be dealt with. Is it a useful document? More...


Job cuts at the Environment Agency

As a result of government-led budget cuts, the Environment Agency (EA) is shedding 1,700 jobs. How might you be affected by this? More...


The use of civil sanctions limited

The Department for Business, Innovation & Skills wants to release small and medium-sized businesses from the shackles of civil sanctions imposed for environmental offences. What does this mean and is it good news? More...


Environmental performance report

The Environment Agency (EA) has published its annual Sustainable Business Report, which identifies the number of environmental incidents, prosecutions and more. What can be learned from it? More...


First company hit with civil sanctions

The Environment Agency (EA) has recently used civil sanctions, its alternative penalty to a criminal prosecution, for the first time. What happened and what are the implications for others found to be in breach of the law? More...


What are the “civil sanctions”?

The Environment Agency (EA) is now using a new civil sanctions system as an alternative to instigating court action against those found guilty of breaching environmental law. What’s to know? More...


The push for larger fines

To deter businesses from causing pollution, the Environment Agency (EA) is pushing for larger fines. How might this affect you? More...
Last updated: 26.02.2020

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