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Should you use the Sustainable Development Goals?

You’ve heard of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) but aren’t sure how they affect your business - if at all. Where have they come from and is there any value in following them? More...


Environmental funding pot at risk

Since the UK made the decision to leave the EU, questions have been raised about the ability of businesses to access green finance. So will money be available in the long term? More...


ISO 14001:2015 policy statement

In September 2015 the BS EN ISO 14001 standard was revised. To help you comply with the new requirements, use our new sample environmental policy statement. What’s covered? More...


Legislating the circular economy

The “circular economy” package of environmental legislation and higher waste targets has passed through a first vote in Brussels. What does this include and how might you be affected? More...


Audit your policy

To maintain compliance with ISO 14001, you must ensure that your environmental policy meets its requirements. Why not use our audit document to ensure that your document is up to scratch. More...


Could your property become unlettable?

Research has identified that, due to forthcoming legal changes, up to 35% of the UK’s non-domestic properties could be unlettable from April 2018. If you’re affected, what should be your response? More...


It’s the New Year - time to go green

Now that the festive season is done and dusted, you’ve decided that it’s about time your business did more to enhance its green credentials. So how do you turn over a green leaf successfully? More...


An off the peg policy

You’ve decided to formalise the management of environmental matters by creating a clear policy statement. You’ve seen freebies on the Internet which look OK, so should you bother creating your own? More...
Last updated: 24.05.2019

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