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Numbers are stacking up for electric vehicles

Researchers have concluded that electric vehicles are reportedly less expensive to own and run than petrol or diesel equivalents. So has the time come to make the switch? More...


Polluting vehicles are costly

“Buy diesel” the government said “it’s greener and more efficient”. But now the green bubble has burst the advice has changed. Where does this leave you? More...


Are diesel cars no longer a green option?

For many years diesel vehicles have been considered a green alternative to petrol ones. However, the tide may have turned. Does this mean that it’s time to trade in your current vehicle? More...


Should you convert to Autogas?

Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) vehicles have been around for a good few years. You’ve previously been put off by various issues, such as a lack of fuel suppliers. Has the situation changed and is there now an argument for switching? More...


Budget impact on low emission vehicles

The Budget 2013 included changes to benefit in kind rates which will impact plug-in and other low emission vehicles, with two new tax bands being created. What do you need to know, and is it as good as it sounds? More...


Fuel for thought

The Energy Saving Trust has identified that businesses can cut fuel costs by up to 75% by switching to electric vehicles. Is this really the case and have electric vehicles finally become a practical option? More...


Incentives to green your car fleet

The recent Budget set out how changes coming in 2014 will encourage further greening of your car fleets, including keeping company car tax liability and employers’ Class 1A National Insurance contributions in check. What’s to know? More...


The drive towards greener vehicles

The recent Budget paid great attention to cars - low emission ones in particular. What’s the story and what do you need to know if you’re currently thinking of buying a new vehicle? More...


Buying a new car? Thought about going electric?

They might get flak from some corners, but electric cars are being touted as a money and environment saver. Is this really the case and are they an option you should give consideration to? More...


SAFED driver training

You’ve heard there’s a new government-funded van driver training scheme that claims to reduce accidents and improve fuel efficiency. What is it and how can your company benefit from it? More...
Last updated: 21.05.2019

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