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Staying compliant

The Environment Agency (EA) has stated its position on compliance during the coronavirus pandemic. What is expected of you? More...


The EA’s new enforcement policy

The Environment Agency (EA) has released its latest enforcement and sanctions policy detailing how it intends to use its powers to secure compliance with environmental regulations. What do you need to know? More...


Record undertakings by the EA

Figures published by the Environment Agency identify that it’s making greater use of the enforcement undertakings scheme. What’s the story? More...


Renting property - what’s happening behind your back?

You’re looking for a tenant and a recycling firm has expressed an interest. A colleague has got you worried saying they could be a risk. If true, what do you need to do to cover your back? More...


Options for enforcement officers

The Environment Agency (EA) has published guidance that sets out which legislation it enforces and how breaches of the law will be dealt with. Is it a useful document? More...


Environment Agency charges outlined


First company hit with civil sanctions

The Environment Agency (EA) has recently used civil sanctions, its alternative penalty to a criminal prosecution, for the first time. What happened and what are the implications for others found to be in breach of the law? More...


What are the “civil sanctions”?

The Environment Agency (EA) is now using a new civil sanctions system as an alternative to instigating court action against those found guilty of breaching environmental law. What’s to know? More...


Don’t make the numbers up

A major paper recycling company has been prosecuted by the Environment Agency (EA) for falsifying effluent quality records for one of its mills. What lessons can be learned? More...


No trip to court required

The Environment Agency (EA) has just been handed additional powers to penalise businesses that commit environmental crimes. What’s to know? More...
Last updated: 07.07.2020

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