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Dealing with waste exemptions online

The Environment Agency (EA) has rolled out an online service to make it easier to register waste exemptions. Is this something that you may need to use and, if so, what does it involve? More...


Legal changes for waste paperwork

The government has decided to allow alternatives to waste transfer notes (WTNs). What could this mean for you? More...


Simplifying waste laws

From filling in transfer notes to complying with producer obligations and hazardous waste regulations, it’s about to get easier to deal with your business waste. What plans are on the table? More...


Yet another waste prosecution

Despite the fact that the Environment Agency (EA) is cracking down on waste sites, some companies still feel that they can operate outside of the law. What can be learned from a recent case? More...


Waste Regulations 2011 kick in

Since the end of September, the waste hierarchy, as defined in the Waste (England and Wales) Regulations 2011, must be followed. How might this affect you? More...


That’s not what it says on the paperwork

A company recently ended up in court when it was identified that they’d incorrectly described hazardous material on a waste transfer note. What can you learn from this particular case? More...


The £1 million takeaway for waste offenders

A recent case has highlighted how far the Environment Agency is willing to go when it identifies businesses acting illegally. Why did it take action and what can you learn from this particular case? More...
Last updated: 18.10.2019

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