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Tackling the F-Gas Regulation

The British Refrigeration Association (BRA) has issued guidance designed to help you meet the requirements set out in the EU F-Gas Regulation. What does it say and how can it help you? More...


Legislating the circular economy

The “circular economy” package of environmental legislation and higher waste targets has passed through a first vote in Brussels. What does this include and how might you be affected? More...


Not such a bright idea - the truth about halogen bulbs

Choosing the most efficient light bulb has never been easy, and to make it even more complicated, it has been suggested that some products don’t meet the claims made by manufacturers. What’s to know? More...


Quick, hide Henry the vacuum!


EU countries using illegal timber

Half of European countries are not implementing regulations designed to stop companies trading in illegally-logged timber. What can you do to make sure you stay within the UK law? More...


New law weeds out non-professionals

You have always kept the weeds at bay by applying pesticide purchased from a local agricultural supplier. But when you tried to top up your stock you were asked to prove you were certificated. Why was this? More...


Air conditioning and refrigerant gases to be banned

European Union negotiators have finally reached a deal to partially ban a group of super-powerful greenhouse gases, known as F-gases, which are used in refrigeration and air conditioning systems. How might you be affected? More...


New rules for pest control

A pest infestation can damage buildings, bring your business to a halt and cost thousands if left untreated. But new regulations are making it harder, and more expensive, to control everything from insects to rats. What’s happening? More...


Avoiding illegal timber

According to a new study completed by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), many businesses are buying and using wood that’s come from potentially illegal sources. What’s to know? More...


Organic pollutants

Nine more polluting substances have been added to the list of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) that have to be monitored and controlled by law. Might these changes affect you? More...
Last updated: 08.07.2020

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