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Developments in LED lighting

Most halogen bulbs are due to be banned from 1 September 2018. What are the benefits of using the alternative option - LED lighting - and will it have a positive impact on your business?

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Spot checks by the Environment Agency (EA)


T-Charge for London

From 23 October 2017 certain vehicles entering the London Congestion Charge zone will also be subject to the T-Charge. What is it? More...


Log burners - a hot topic

You installed a log burner for environmental reasons, but now you’re hearing that they’re not as green as you thought and they could even be banned at some point in the future. What’s to know? More...


Chemical laws out of REACH

Firms that use or import small volumes of certain chemicals have to register with the EU regulator by May 2018. But research shows that the costs are high. What can you do about it? More...


Landlords forced to improve energy ratings

Regulations are coming into force which will require rental property to be energy efficient. What is the legislation, what are the specific requirements and when will they apply? More...
Last updated: 19.01.2018

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