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Are you troubled by a neighbouring nuisance?

If neighbours are creating an unreasonable level of e.g. noise, how should you go about dealing with the problem? Our document will help you to prove that you’re suffering from a “statutory nuisance”.

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Changes to end-of-waste criteria

If you turn waste into new products, you could be hit with extra costs as a result of the Environment Agency’s review of end-of-waste criteria. What do you need to know? More...


Do green replacements really work?

Fast food giant McDonald’s has scored an embarrassing own goal when it replaced its plastic straws. What went wrong? More...


How to get rid of asbestos sheets

You’ve been clearing overgrown parts of your land and amongst the vegetation have found a stack of asbestos cement sheets. You’re aware that asbestos is strictly controlled. So how do you dispose of them legally? More...


Even more reason to reduce, reuse and recycle

The Dutch are about to change how they tax waste imports. How will this - along with China’s continued ban on waste imports - impact on waste disposal costs for small businesses in the UK? More...


Cigarette butts are the forgotten pollution

Last updated: 11.11.2019

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