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£500,000 fine for illegally storing waste

A haulage company has been fined, and its director ordered to carry out unpaid work, after illegal waste was found on a site in Royston. However, the owner of the land still faced a £2 million clean-up bill. What happened?

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Why you shouldn’t obstruct an officer

In January 2019 five employees appealed against convictions for obstructing Environment Agency (EA) officers. What can be learned from this? More...


A quick check of your environmental standards

Do you know what impact your business is having on the environment? If you’ve never checked, you might want to carry out a review. Our document will help you achieve this. More...


Water cashback scheme


McDonald’s biofuel progress


Illegal waste sites hit by inspectors

A one-day sting carried out by the Environment Agency (EA) uncovered multiple illegal waste sites. How can you be sure to stay clear of trouble by handling and disposing of your waste correctly? More...
Last updated: 26.06.2019

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