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Burning of illegal waste

A Lincolnshire holiday park company has been ordered to pay over £8,500 after burning waste on one of its sites. Where did it go wrong and how could it have kept within the law?

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How to save energy and money in the office

As part of your environmental strategy you are looking for ways to reduce your office energy consumption. Use our checklist to identify your current strengths and weaknesses. More...


Waste legislation to be overhauled

Members of the European Parliament have given the green light to new waste laws and have set new recycling targets. What can you expect from these policies? More...


Electric is the way forward...


Storing oil safely

An oil leak can cause significant and long-term environmental harm. Use our document to make sure your storage is fit for purpose and that any leak is properly contained. More...


Illegal waste activities on the radar

The Environment Agency (EA) is cracking down on waste offenders, with a high number of prosecution cases in May 2018 alone. What types of offence have been catching its attention? More...
Last updated: 17.08.2018

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