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Waste wood solution is on the back-burner

The Environment Agency has announced an extension to its deadline for the wood recycling industry to sort out a workable system for the classification of waste. How could it affect you?

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Changes to end-of-waste criteria

If you turn waste into new products, you could be hit with extra costs as a result of the Environment Agency’s review of end-of-waste criteria. What do you need to know? More...


Nitrogen in the spotlight

More than 150 scientists have signed a letter urging the world to take urgent action on nitrogen pollution. What is this type of pollution and what impact will addressing it have on your business? More...


Alternative fuel vehicle numbers increased


Are hydrogen-electric vehicles worth a look?

Drinks firm AB InBev has completed its first zero-emission beer delivery, 18 months after placing an order for 800 hydrogen-powered trucks. What do you need to know and is it time to rethink your fleet strategy? More...


Auditing your environmental policy

Businesses are increasingly being asked to confirm that they have an environmental policy. If you do, use our new audit document to check that your policy says all the right things. More...
Last updated: 18.02.2020

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