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Clean air strategy

A draft strategy to deal with poor air quality has been launched by the government. What are its key pledges and how might your business be affected by the new legislation?

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Q&A - is there a new green police force in town?


Storing oil safely

An oil leak can cause significant and long-term environmental harm. Use our document to make sure your storage is fit for purpose and that any leak is properly contained. More...


Biodegradable bags not such good news

It’s widely assumed that biodegradable bags and packaging are environmentally friendly, but a study commissioned by the government suggests otherwise. What’s the real story? More...


Illegal waste activities on the radar

The Environment Agency (EA) is cracking down on waste offenders, with a high number of prosecution cases in May 2018 alone. What types of offence have been catching its attention? More...


Are your lights upsetting the neighbours?

A resident next door to your premises is complaining that your exterior security lighting is keeping them awake at night. Do they have grounds for a complaint and, if so, what should you do about it? More...
Last updated: 21.09.2018

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