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Watch and learn!

The Internet is not only full of fun and entertaining videos: you can also find lots of informative and instructive ones too. What are the good online resources? More...


Easier downloading from YouTube


Instructional videos to go

Recently, we reviewed some “how-to” video sites. In the meantime, a couple of new initiatives have been launched. Can they match excellent sites such as the renowned VideoJug? More...


Enhancing YouTube

Video-sharing site YouTube is hugely popular: more than 100 million clips are viewed every day! To get even more out of this Google-owned programme, try the following free services. More...


Videos that can teach you a lesson

A myriad of funny video clips are available on video-sharing communities such as the popular YouTube. However, there are other sites which specialise in instructional videos. More...


Looking for videos: there’s more than YouTube

Watching videos on YouTube has become hugely popular. However, there’s more than YouTube if you’re looking for interesting videos. How do you find videos that appeal to you? More...


Google Video expands


Instructive video clips

YouTube has rapidly become a hugely popular platform for video sharing, but most of the videos are there for entertainment only. Where can you find practical videos that can teach you something? More...
Last updated: 29.05.2020

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