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Advanced searching in Word and Windows Explorer

The Ctrl+F (Find) keyboard shortcut lets you search in both Windows Explorer and Microsoft Word via a simple search box. However, several more powerful search options are available. More...


Better searching in Windows 10

With each new version of Windows, the built-in search options have become more and more powerful. Here are some practical tips for even better searching in Windows 10. More...


Faster and better searching in Windows 8

At one time or other, you will inevitably have to locate a file or program among the thousands of items on your hard drive. In Windows 8, it may not always be very clear how to go about this most efficiently. Here are some tips. More...


Using Windows Search more efficiently

Windows Vista and Windows 7 contain a search engine, Windows Search, which can search all the files on your computer in a flash. By configuring the proper settings and parameters, you can make searching even faster and more efficient. More...


Better searching… on your own computer

You can search your own hard disk using a variety of tools, such as Windows Search or Google Desktop. But now there’s a newcomer, entitled Everything. Is it a match for the current best of breed products? More...


Better searching in Windows XP and Vista

Windows Search, the desktop search engine that comes by default with Vista, recently released version 4.0. Is it worth the download? More...


Desktop searcher Copernic: for Vista as well


Google Desktop 5

Last updated: 05.08.2020

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