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Edit files on your smartphone

It’s easy to check information, send messages, take photos, etc. on your smartphone. However, you may sometimes need to edit a file (document, photo, video, etc. ). Which tools can help you? More...


Other app stores besides Google Play Store?

The Google Play Store is the Android app store which most people automatically turn to. However, there are some other app stores as well. Which of them are reliable? More...


What apps can you use offline?

Is your Internet connection down or do you have to surf via an expensive connection abroad? No problem, you can use the following apps offline on your smartphone. More...


Useful apps for your car

You will probably be using the navigation app on your smartphone in your car regularly. However, there are several other handy apps for drivers. Here are some useful examples. More...


Tag your photos on iOS with HashPhotos

If you take hundreds or even thousands of photos using your iPhone, it is often difficult to find that specific photo you’re looking for quickly. How can the HashPhotos app help you? More...


DIY apps

Since iOS 12, iPhone users now have a tool in their pocket for measuring distances and surfaces. Can this and other apps assist you during site visits or with odd jobs in your business or at home? More...


What questions can you ask Apple Siri?

Even before Google came up with its Assistant, Apple had its own voice-operated assistant: Siri. How can this iPhone and iPad voice assistant help you? And how does it compare with Google Assistant? More...


What questions can you ask Google Assistant?

Google Assistant is a virtual smart, voice-operated assistant that is available on mobile and smart home devices. What kind of questions can you ask this app and how well does it work? More...


Lighter apps for your smartphone

Your smartphone will probably contain lots of apps, some more heavyweight than others. A new type of lightweight app, the so-called Progressive Web App (PWA), promises to do something about this. More...


Productive during your holiday

For many entrepreneurs, working during the holidays is a necessary evil. The following apps will keep you productive and connected during your holiday. More...
Last updated: 18.03.2019

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